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Kathy Schulz

Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist

Healthy Solutions for Balanced Living

Are you feeling off balance, stressed or simply unfulfilled? As a holistic therapist, I partner with individuals and couples to address some of life’s challenges–together. Let me help empower you with tools and strategies for a healthier, more fulfilling, life journey.

Serving Columbus & Cincinnati 

Embrace your life path with more calm and confidence–even with bumps in the road. Find better balance, both personally and professionally. Feel more synergy in your relationships too. Through virtual counseling (and/or in-person, post-pandemic), we’ll collaboratively develop a supportive relationship that helps you put effective new strategies into practice, session by session.

As a licensed clinical psychologist with decades of experience, I offer positive, solution-focused guidance to both individuals and couples experiencing the most common life challenges like stress, anxiety and communication barriers. Together, we can explore the issues that are making you feel off balance. Then, through various techniques, I’ll provide strategies and positive reinforcement that helps you build your own tool kit for reaching your unique wellness goals.


Contact Me

Is my approach the right fit for you? Let’s have complimentary initial chat and see. We can talk via phone or video conference. I look forward to learning more about you soon.

Feel free to call me at (614) 226-6163, or send

me a message below.


1170 Old Henderson Rd. Suite 207

Columbus, Ohio



9403 Kenwood Rd. Suite C207

Blue Ash, Ohio 


Thank you for your message. I'll get back with you as soon as possible.

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