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Stress & Anxiety Therapy

Everyone experiences varying degrees of stress on a daily basis. In fact, a healthy amount may motivate you to accomplish tasks that are good for your well-being–like exercise or finishing that house project. However, if this is interfering with your ability to live a fulfilling, balanced life, it may be a more serious issue.   


High levels of stress and anxiety are complex in nature, and can be debilitating to your physical and emotional well-being. The impact of stress can cause or exacerbate health issues. Common signs can include poor sleep, GI issues, headaches, or cardiac related concerns. If you find yourself constantly worrying, overwhelmed with anxiety or experiencing increased health issues, it may be time for stress and anxiety therapy by a clinical psychologist.


A holistic and integrative path toward stress and anxiety management can help you develop coping mechanisms in a supportive environment. With a customized action plan, I can help you limit psychological distress and bloom into the most resilient, flourishing version of yourself!

Ways I Can Help
  • Positive, collaborative approach

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques

  • Gestalt therapy 

  • Solution-focused ideas 

  • Habit changing strategies 

  • Holistic therapy

  • Skills for stress resilience 

  • Ideas for finding balance and peace

  • Meditation & Mindfulness therapy

My Approach
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