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Couples & Marriage Counseling

As you navigate life or experience personal changes, you may feel out of sync with your partner. Life can feel overwhelming with work, children and financial stressors, adding to the breakdown between you and those you’re closest to.  


Relationships are a fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle. In fact, the desire to maintain relationships when they’re challenging may lead to unhealthy patterns. And, it is not uncommon for us to have carried old wounds into our current relationship. 


With a customized action plan and a collaborative, positive approach, I can help you reconnect and navigate your partnership in a healthy, positive direction. Holistic relationship counseling can help you become better and better–together.

Ways I Can Help
  • Marriage counseling

  • Help with parenting issues 

  • Divorce counseling 

  • LGBT supportive therapy

  • Long-term relationship support   

  • Infidelity and reconciliation intervention

  • Effective communication training 

  • Intimacy and sexual concerns

  • Gestalt therapy

My Approach
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